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The Oxlite Snow Angel
Designed in 1992, this ramp is tried and true and has withstood the test of time.  Custom engineered hinges, tail gait grabbing strength, heavy duty cross bars, and perma-poly plastic to accomodate carbide skids.  This trifold ramp is easy to handle and stores nicely in the back of your truck bed or trailer.  This loyal design remains near and dear to our hearts and is still very popular.
The Snow Country Freestyle
This one makes ramps look sexy!  This two in one ramp is one of a kind.  It accomodates not only a snowmobile, but flip it over and it will load your ATV and other 4 wheeled machinery.  It's impressive.  It's the cadillac of or ramps in snow country. TEN gripping fingers, custom engineered hinges, perma-poly plastic, serrated cross bars for has it all. It's a big boy toy. This ramp system evolved from a special request and we believe, every man in snow country deserves one. If you are looking for a gift for the outdoor guy who has everything, here it is.  It comes in two sizes.  This item is by special order and requires a 4 week lead time.

Two Ramps in One!


One Sexy Ramp!

48"x 88" 1500 Load Capacity


48"x 77" 1500 lb. Load Capacity



50"x 88" 1500 Load Capacity