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The Big Contenders
Part of the original Oxlite design series, these fellows have been around the block a time or two.  Lots of experience under their belt.  Arched for clearance, 8 heavy duty rubber tipped fingers for gripping, and serrated cross bars for superior gripping no matter how wet your tires are.  These ramps are great for professionals and weekenders alike. Perfect for riding lawn mowers and ATV's. If you have multiple applications, runners are the way to go. 

The Snappers
Originally designed for Snapper mowers, these dual runners work great for 4 wheeled machinery with low ground clearance due to the special arch and their length. (Gripping fingers and serrated cross bars for traction. Will not work with Zero Turn Lawn Mowers.)

The Bush Wackers
Lean and mean, ready for action, The bush Wackers are a great general purpose loading ramp system. From the woods to the repair shop, they will get you there safely.  Super Popular.  Gripping fingers and serrated cross bars for traction.

The Americana
Sleek, agile, perfectly balanced, these ramps work for a multitude of applications from ATV's to UTV's.  This is a very strong all around loading ramp system with even more added strength due to the solid aluminum end plate and bar underneath. These runners are not arched.  A Ramp Extender is also available with these ramps when more length is needed.


The Bull Ramp
The Bull is handsome, strong, and will accommodate a variety of applications due to its adjustable scissor arms . Simply pick the width, and latch it the clevis pins in place for added security when loading and unloading.  This arched ramp system will work for practically any size ATV or riding lawn mower in existence. We do recommend applications with large tires for this ramp.  In our video, we loaded a golf cart.  Scissor arms adjust from 40" wide, every two inches, up to 54" wide.  When you are finished, simply secure the scissor arms back in place to each runner for easy transport and to prevent loss and damage. Patent application pending.
14" x 80"   1000 lb. Load Capacity

Sold As A Pair

12"x 102" 1950 Load Capacity

12"x 102" 2200 lb. Load Capacity

12"x 89" 2250 lb. Load Capacity


12"x 78" 1000 lb. Load Capacity


12" x 89" 1700 lb. Load Capacity





12" x 98" 800 lb. Load Capacity


12"x 78" 1400 Load Capacity


12"x 89" 1200 lb. Load Capacity



#13981 No Arch/With Plate
12"x 89" 2250 Load Capacity



Ramp Extenders #13985

This little fellow may be short in stature, but he comes with an attitude. Some say ice even runs through his veins. Designed for use with trailers, this ramp has other applications as well such as use with outdoor sheds, steps, and curbs. Priced to sell, every home needs a set of Napoleon's around. They will come in handy for all sorts of jobs.


The Napoleon B.

The Oxlite Dresser
You can't improve on perfection.  This ramp has been the same since its inception back in 1992.  It is designed so that you can ride your big bike into the back of your truck because sometimes, it's just best to haul your bike to the general vincinity of where you will be riding, especially if your are going cross country to an event.  It generally has a wow effect.  Gripping fingers, super tire traction, and detachable side panels for compact storage, make it an all time winner.  It was the first and original big bike ramp.  We are proud of that fact.  There is ONLY one Oxlite Dresser though there are others that "look" like it.  Pay attention to the panel measurements and number of bars and don't forget, the many hidden elements of construction that you won't see such as the number of welds and placement. The Dresser weighs in at 65 lbs.  The arched wings may also be used seperately for loads up to 500 lbs. each or 1000 lbs. when used in conjunction.  The arched center panel alone when used seperately will load up to 1000 lbs. 

36"x 94" 2700 lb. Load Capacity
Center Panel Measurements: 18"x 94"
Wing Measurements: 9" x 94"


Replacement Wing
with female hinges
(Customer must have hinges welded locally to line up with hinge counterparts on the Center Panel.) 
Dirt Bike Motorcycle Ramp
This light duty arched runner is designed to load lightweight dirt bikes into truck beds by walking them up.  Gripping fingers and excellent traction. 

12"x 89" 600 lb. Load Capacity

Wide Tire Motorcycle Ramp
This arched runner is designed to easily load bikes with wide tires into truck beds by walking them up.  Gripping fingers and excellent traction. 

18"x 94" 1200 lb. Load Capacity

Bio-Flex Motorcycle Ramp
This single runner gets the job done with gripping fingers and serrated cross bars for traction with the added flare of folding in half making it easy to transport and store.  Good looks, reliable strength, and unique flexibility.  You can't go wrong.  Weighs 21 lbs. and flexes to a 2.5" arch.  Folds to 12" wide x 44.5" long x 5" deep.

12"x 89" 500 lb. Load Capacity
(Price is for single runner only.)

Standard Motorcycle Ramp
This arched runner is designed to load standard size motorcycles into truck beds by walking them up.  You can trust your expensive racer on this one. Gripping fingers and excellent traction. Make sure you get the correct length for your truck size.  Refer to our Selection Guide for accuracy.

12"x 78" 500 Load Capacity

12"x 89" 850 Load Capacity

12"x102"  1100 Lb. Load Capacity

A 4 in one Loading System!

The Mule Team
This team is driven to succeed, even in death valley.  Weight:  45 lbs. per runner.   Tractors, Industrial, Trailer Beds


14"x 94" 7000 lb. Load Capacity


14" x 94" 7000 lb. Load Capacity

12"x 68" 3000 Load Capacity


The Work Horse
These runners are perfect for small tractors and automobiles and are designed for loading onto trailers. The best part, they weigh only 43 lbs. each.
The Big Ox
Harnessing the power of Oxen, these heavy duty industrial strength ramps with solid aluminum end plates are impressive.  Although these bad boys only weigh in at a mere 68 lbs. a piece, they will get the job done in style.  Applications:  Large Tractors, Industrial, Trailer Beds
The Boss Hog
As defined in the Urban Dictionary, the boss hog does whatever he wants whenever he wants.  Enough said.  Weight: 55 lbs. per runner.  Tractors, Automotive, Trailer Beds

14"x 72" 5000  lb. Load Capacity

16"x 90" 12,000 Load Capacity


Sleek, agile, perfectly balanced, handsome, and commanding presence.  These bad boys accommodate a multitude of applications from ATV's to UTV's to Zero Turns.  The serrated cross bars provide super traction while 10 gripping fingers holding you firmly in place.  Arched for low under carriage clearance, these ramps will also work for zero turns with the extra length accomodating zero turn weight imbalances. This is an all in one professional loading ramp system. 

18" X 94" 2000 lb. Load Capacity


18" x 94" 2500 lb. Load Capacity

The Bio-Flex Boys
These two fellows get the job done with gripping fingers and serrated cross bars for traction with the added flare of folding in half.  Good looks, reliable strength, and unique flexibility. You can't go wrong!   Weighs 21 lbs. and flexes to a 2.5" arch. Folds to 12" wide x 44.5" long x 5" deep

12"x 89" 1000 Load Capacity


50"L x 12"W   3200 lb. Load Capacity