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Be certain to read our Selection Guide to ensure you are making the safe choice for your application(s).  If you purchase a ramp that will only accommodate 1000 lbs. and load machinery that is 2000 lbs., not only is this very dangerous, but it will damage your ramp at the very least and will nullify your warranty. It will bend the rungs and or possibly break, twist, or snap them. Never load riding lawn mowers on folding ramps...the blade will catch the rungs and damage them. Loading UTV's, 3 wheelers, zero turns or any other machinery that is not specified for that particular ramp will void the warranty.  It's not just about weight in lbs., it's about weight distribution as well.    Please purchase the correct ramp for your application.  Ask your local dealer to help you in making the correct choice. 

Your ramps come with safety instructions. Make sure to read them before using your ramps.  If you loose them, you may down load them here. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS

Our Warranty Policy

Our Lifetime Warranty is valid against defects in material or workmanship. Oxlite reserves the right to inspect the ramp(s) for alterations, abuse, or misuse, which would nullify the warranty.  As a service to our dealers, Oxlite handles all warranty claims directly with the consumer.  The consumer must ship the ramps to us at his expense. Please include your phone number, name, address, receipt, and claim.   Ship to:  Oxlite Manufacturing, Atten:  Warranty Claim, 23219 W, Hardy Rd, Spring, TX  77373Additionally, we can normally tell by pictures if they are clear, whether or not the claim is a Manufacturer's defect as listed below.   

If Oxlite deems the ramp(s) were abused by loading the wrong equipment or that perhaps a blade or some other undercarriage part caught the rung going up, or if the ramp was altered in anyway, the consumer will be notified by phone, or email and will have the option of having Oxlite repair the ramp(s) at a reasonable cost if possible.  Sometimes it is not. Additionally, we can normally tell by pictures if they are clear.   If the warranty is denied, we will return the damaged ramp is at the expense of the consumer.  Otherwise, Oxlite will replace damaged ramp(s) with a new model of the same or similiar style(if the same style is discontinued) or if the defect is repairable, Oxlite will repair it.  Ramps meeting our warranty guidelines will be shipped back to the consumer at no charge.

Types of Manufacturer's Defects
-Welds that pop loose with no other type of apparent damage to the ramp.  
-Holes in the aluminum near the welded area.  This means the weld blew through.
-Faulty, Inferior Aluminum---Our Aluminum is always ran in batches of 500 lbs. or more.  Though this is a rare phenomenon and has only happened once in the history of the company, the company will do a total recall on all ramps which came from that batch run if this occurs. This means, there will never be one or two ramps made from a faulty or inferior aluminum run.  It's not the way it works.  All ramps ran in that batch would have issues. 

Our E-Store Return Policy

We strongly encourage consumers to contact us directly before making a purchase if you are unsure of the correct application to avoid unneccesary return charges. Ramps are NOT small packages.  All returns will be charged an additional restocking fee of 20% of the initial purchase to offset some  recovery costs for the free shipping and handling charges which were generated and incurred when you made your purchase. The consumer will also have to cover freight changes to ship the ramp back to Oxlite.  If you are unsure which model is right for you, please call us at 1-800-256-2408 for guidance or call for the location of your nearest Oxlite dealer. 

If you wish to return your ramp, contact the Warranty and Claims Department for a Return Authorization Number.  Once issued, include this on your package. Please package the ramp carefully to avoid freight damage and ship to:  Oxlite Manufacturing, Attention:  E-store Returns, 23219 W, Hardy Rd, Spring, TX  77373 .  You must include your name, phone number, address and the reason for the return.  A refund minus 20% of the total cost will be issued to your credit card once it is inspected and found to be in the same condition it was shipped.   


Our Warranty & E-Store Return Policies