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Yes, We're Old Timers and proud of it! The classic Oxlite folding ramp style revolutionized loading with bi-folds and tri-folds.  Oxlite has always been the innovator and leader in producing original, high quality, lifestyle ramps and proudly boasts that not only did we produce the first Dresser ramp but also produced the very first Snowmobile Ramp back in 1992 and its quality and reliability are still evident today.

 A little about our ramps...Our folding ramps generally have six rubber tipped fingers and custom engineered hinges to ensure structural integrity.  Most are made with serrated crossbars to provide superior traction in wet or muddy terrains. Others are designed for general use in a controlled environmental setting and are very budget friendly. The Oxlite family of folding ramps are alternately welded top and bottom to increase lateral strength. Our folding ramps are infamous for their ease of use and storage, and most importantly...quality, which keeps you safe. Some of those safety features might not be so obvious upon first glance, especially when purchasing online.  It might be the number of welds, the aluminum alloy, the numbers of rods or bars, or it may be in the overall integrity and structure of the design as a whole.  Be sure and ask about those differences between an Oxlite ramp and others. Those differences DO make a definitive safety difference. 

We have multiple styles of folding ramps that will accomodate ATV's a a variety of runners that will accomodate the larger UTV's.  Folding ramps are by far the most popular style for ATV owners.  Oxlite ramps are easy to use and most often will store right underneath the ATV.  

The runners of Oxlite come in a variety of styles and sizes. There is one for virtually every type of application from motorcyles to tractors and everything in between. Runners are popular because of their versatility. The Oxlite family of runners are built for strength, durability, and ease of use. Some are designed with fingers while others are designed with Solid Aluminum end plates. Most also have serrated crossbars to provide superior traction.  Many are arched to provide added clearance.  If you are looking for a general all purpose loading ramp, arched runners are the way to go as they will work with multiple applications including lawn mowers and ATV's.  As with our folding ramps, be sure to ask about what sets our runners apart from other brands to keep you safe.

Oxlite....because YOUR life matters!

Your Oxlite Ramp will be the ramp everyone else wishes they owned.  They always make an impression.