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The Superman
This heavy duty aluminum mesh folding ramp is for loading all types of two wheeled and 4 wheeled equipment with small tires from wheel barrows to dollies to lawn mowers, go-carts, anything that rolls.  Multi-purpose uses. Folds to a width of 20" for compact storage.  Comes in two widths weighing 33 lbs. and 35 lbs. respectively. Great ramp for those in industrial professions.
The Handy Man
These aluminum mesh runners will load so many things it is impossible to list them all.  in fact there are so many uses, this may be the only ramp you will ever need. The mesh is perfect for machinery and equipment with a small tire footprint.  Great ramp for those in industrial professions or for those with a lot of toys and work equipment. Not arched.

10"x 81" 1000 Load Capacity

10"x 81" 1500 Load Capacity




34"x 71" 1200 Load Capacity

40"x 71" 1200 Load Capacity