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Oxlite started at a time when powered equipment was smaller and lighter in weight and when consumers were using wooden planks to load their ATV's and other machinery. Some would just pick them up and toss them into the back of their truck bed. Those days are now long gone. We're old timers and have designed and created loading ramps as the need arose for many years. It's been an interesting journey and one we continue to enjoy. Ramps are now a necessity if true mobility is to be achieved. For each ATV or Lawn Mower, a ramp should be included in the sale. "Mobility" is the feature and the key. Loading ramps however can be hazardous if the quality is not there. Those who carry our brand understand just how important that is in the safety of their customers. Quite frankly, if selling inferior products just to get the sale is part of your business strategy, then Oxlite is not for you. We seek dealers with very high standards regarding safety and quality. If that describes you, then the only ramp brand you should be selling is Oxlite. For consumers who do not recognize the importance of premium ramps, they can purchase the cheaper grades at discount outlets, though we certainly hope that is not the case and hope they have a true understanding of the dangers associated in doing so. We will be happy to explain those dangers to any of your customers.

Oxlite does offer alternative less expensive models though the safety factor is still very much in tact. We have what you need for every budget. The best part, consumers will know your store carries only quality merchandise. We would love to welcome you into our dealer family. It's easy. Simply down load the dealer application above, fill it out, and fax it over to us. It takes only minutes to be approved. If you are applying for an open account, it can however take up to a month, depending upon how fast your references respond. Once you become a dealer, you will then be assigned a personal sales account manager who will guide you in stocking what sells best in your particular location based on your product line. We will also refer consumers in your area directly to you when the opportunity arises.

Our products are sold across the USA and abroad by discriminating power sports dealerships, lawn and garden centers, and automotive after market stores. You won't find them in discount shops and for good reason. They are high quality, premium loading ramps. There is nothing inferior or counterfeit about them. Oxlite has been in the business of making ramps for over a quarter of a century....and along the way, became experts at what we do. Our name brand is well trusted and well known. Our safety record is comparable to none. Our name brand alone sells our ramps in many regions and countries.