Products Made in America since 1989.

A Division of Delta Composites

Thinking about becoming an Oxlite® Dealer and need
 to know why you should? Let us help you!

1. The most significant benefit is that you will be carrying the most well known and trusted ramp brand in America. Your customers will appreciate you for that. It speaks to the overall quality of your merchandise and says much about how you view their safety.  You're customer's can't run down to the local big box and price shop our ramps against you like some brands.  Our ramps aren't there.  Nor do they belong there.  They belong in fine quality dealerships.
 2. Oxlite® pays the freight when you order five or more ramps. We initiated a free freight program way back in 1989.  Though the quanities are a bit more due to today's freight charges, we still offer this free freight program to our dealer base.  It's our way of saying we appreciate you. 
 3. Inclusion on our Dealer Locater Map here on our website so that customers can easily find you.  If you're not there, let you're Oxlite sales rep know you want to be.
4. Oxlite® offers a blanket ordering program each calendar year. Once again, that is a program implemented many years ago that we still honor today. It gives you the buying power of the largest dealerships and gives the largest dealerships more control over their inventory levels.
5. Oxlite® was the first to design and implement 4 color packaging for ramps to aid in the informational and selling process.  Over the years, we learned that 4 color selling tools can be just as effective through smaller means, such as large eye catching ramp tags.  This helps to keep our costs down to you.  
6. Oxlite has both a YOU TUBE page and a GOOGLE PLUS page with pick and choose commercials for your website.  Simply subscribe to our channels and
embed the mini-mercial of your choice on your website.  These are designed to help you increase your Oxlite ramp sales with some being seasonal in nature.  We always have you in mind.
7. Over a Quarter of a Century designing and building loading ramps....nuff said.